I 1986 my daughter was 10 years old and she wanted a dog of her own.
At that time I showed and bred Bichon Frises. This was not an option for Beate
as this breed needs a lot of coat work.
She wanted a dog that she could groom and take care of by herself.
So we began to look around and discovered the Cavalier.
We contacted a Swedish breeder, and in August 1986, Jill entered our family.

We all loved her from day one!
I had never experienced such a gentle, lovable dog and we all fell completely in love with her.
Unfortunately Jill suffered from severe epilepsia and

she died at New Years Day 1987 only 9 months old.
We were devistated and wanted another Cavalier immediately!
But that wasn't easy! We found no puppy until April 1987.
Then Little Black Diamond - "Lady" was born.
Lady was a beautiful well broken tricolour girl
She should become the foundation to Fuzzyheimen Cavaliers.

Little Black Diamond - Lady

Tricolour has always been my favourite colour, though they are more difficult to breed than blenheims.
I started my breeding with a tricolour girl and bred blenheim and tricolour for many years.
Then Ronja (a black/tan girl), came into my home and I started breeding wholecolours as well.
Now I'm back to where I started so many years ago,
consentrating on breeding beautiful, and well broken tricolours and blenheims :)

This is my home,- Lillemo
It's a wonderful house and place with lots of space for me and the dogs:)
Lillemo is a house with a "family" history for me.
This was the first house my daughter and her family bought many years ago.
At that time the house was very bad with no bath inside and everything falling apart.
But Beate and Rune saw a potential in the house and used many years to fix and repair.
The house is as good as new and even better both inside and outside now.
I always loved this place and told Beate that if they would ever sell, I would love to buy.
Well, that didn't happen when they finally sold it.
Early spring in 2006 the house was for sale again and this time I didn't hesitate!
In May 2006 I and my dogs moved in and we love it here!